About Us For Atlantis

Atlantis is an innovation-driven, tech-obsessed IT firm with almost 30+ years of experience, accelerating, optimizing and transforming businesses for clients across the globe.

What started as a small but reliable workforce out of Toronto, Ontario, in 1985 with experts in evolving technology, quickly grew to hundreds of employees in the offices in Canada, the USA, and our outsource center in India.

We have always been at the forefront in delivering a plethora of world-class services that offer tangible benefits for our clients across the globe.about atlantis..read more

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The manufacturing industry is experiencing disruptive changes like never before. Executives are concerned about reducing costs, providing memorable customer experiences and maintaining profitability.

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Digital Transformation and Enablement

Technology has the power to empower enterprises, transform organizations immensely. Let us make your digital journey towards complete business transformation free from all hurdles.

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Technology Framework

There has always been the growing need to align business and workflow processes with the right technology. Otherwise, productivity, efficiency and business continuity are not achieved.

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We enable customer success with effectively productizing and maintaining a wide range of operations-specific, customer-centric enterprise products for our clients.